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Gusto ko magawa ‘to someday. :) Tumakbo from AS to Math na may dalang school bag at may dadaanang pedestrian traffic pa, tapos oorasan ko rin sarili ko :))

I need someone to talk to. asap please.

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Crazy In Love

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love love love :D

so near and yet so far
season 3, bakit ang tagaaaal..

so near and yet so far

season 3, bakit ang tagaaaal..

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- Uncle Iroh

- Uncle Iroh

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still frustrated that I only got a bronze >_< haha

but still, I had fun. :) Getting to know more about the people who I train with and having the opportunity to play again was more satisfying than getting a medal. I’ve never competed for a very, very long time. I guess the medal is a “Welcome Back” token. :P

Thank you, thank you to my coach. 
And thank you God :D

I will be better next time. :)

"If choices were 100% they wouldn’t be choices. When they’re both 50/50, choose one and work hard to prove it’s the right decision and turn the 50% into 100%."

-Dream High

Even with that line and all the other advice that I got from other people, I still feel like my heart’s going to break. (oo, ganun ka-OA yung pakiramdam)

Should I choose something that I have loved since I was a child. Or something that I have learned to love?


18! :D


Is this goodbye?

I’m no longer longing for you.
No longer running after you.

But a small part of me will always be waiting..
and I don’t want it to die.

what is a Bagginses? :))

what is a Bagginses? :))


The Hobbit Quotes - Gandalf

what/who made me smile yesterday:

> random guy from DUP who said hi to me. Hi kuya! :)

> my crush (EL50 prof. haha) finally talked to me! :)) he told me to take the attendance and play the movie we were supposed to watch because he will be gone the entire time. :))

> had a conversation with my classmate who I really hate. but I found out that she’s fun to talk to. sobrang enthusiastic lang talaga niya sa mga school stuff. sana ganun din ako. (wag kasi mag judge ng tao kaagad!)

> my classmate who told me that I still look like a high school student. thank you po :)) relating to this, people from the cssp sc were surprised that I was already in my 5th year. :)


what made me cry yesterday:

> discussion about SpEd. sobrang natouch ako. ewan ko ba. tapos nalungkot din ako kasi ang pangit talaga ng sistema ng lahat ng bagay (gobyerno, edukasyon, itong bansa, … ). matagal ko nang na-realize yun. pero sobrang naiinis na nalulungkot talaga ako kahapon.

I’m thankful that I got into good schools since I was in preschool but how about those who cannot afford such education. how about those who cannot even go to school? :(