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Clean Bandit,
New Eyes


Clean Bandit - Rather Be (ft. Jess Glynne)

it’s a shot in the dark but I’ll make it

There is something about
night-time that seems to
Forgotten feelings
you have buried in
your chest.
The empty space
in the palm of
your hand.
This unspoken hurt
that gnaws on
your bones
and leaves you
for someone to tell you
the secrets of survival.
A.Y // these are trying times (via 2wentysixletters)

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Lady Antebellum,
Need You Now


It’s a quarter after one
I’m all alone
and I need you now..

Hi Blem. Don’t. Please lang.

Nope. Nope. No. Not gonna call him..

Maybe not now..


Gags. Wag na.

I think I am forgetting the feeling of liking someone.
Ten-word story of my life (at the moment)

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The education of the Filipino must be a Filipino education. It must be based on the needs and goals of the nation. The objective is not merely to produce men and women who can read and write or who can add and subtract. The primary objective is to produce a citizenry that appreciates and is conscious of its nationhood and has national goals for the betterment of the community.
Renato Constantino, The Miseducation of the Filipino (via u-p-fight)





Manong: San galing ang 20?

Pasahero: Manong, wag niyo kong husgahan please. Ang perang yan ay hindi galing sa gobyerno.



Manong: San yung bente?

Pasahero: Ano? Kaaabot ko lang nawala agad yung bente ko?!



Manong: Estudyante?

Pasahero: Mechanical Engineer. 2010 Board Passer.



Manong: Estudyante?

Pasahero: Opo. 2nd year high school. Hindi pa nireregla pero may anim na crush na.



Manong: Ilan dito sa 20?

Pasahero: Dalawa po. Isang manhid at isang nagmamahal ng palihim.



Manong: San galing?

Pasahero: Nag group study po. Tapos alam niyo ba andun din yung crush ko. Magdamag niya akong tinuruan sa math. Tapos nung nag exam kanina, 0 nakuha ko. Hihi.



Manong: San galing?

Pasahero: Nagmotel. 3 hours kami dun. At wag kayong judgmental please. Gumawa lang kami ng loombands.



Manong: San ang baba ng bente?

Pasahero: Tung-inuhhh!! Naglalakad yung bente!!!! 



Manong: San ang baba?

Pasahero: Sa gitna ng kalsada. Para patay ako tapos kulong kayo.



Manong: Ilan dito sa 20?

Pasahero: Isa lang. Wag niyo na din sanang itanong kung bakit. Sanay na ako na palaging iniiwan. Kaya nasanay na rin akong mag-isa. Keep the change.



Manong: Walang barya?

Pasahero: Yan tayo eh. Sobra sobra na nga ang binigay, pero parang kulang pa rin. Parang pag-ibig…

'Tis a big and beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don’t want to be most of us.

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Gusto ko magawa ‘to someday. :) Tumakbo from AS to Math na may dalang school bag at may dadaanang pedestrian traffic pa, tapos oorasan ko rin sarili ko :))

I need someone to talk to. asap please.

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Evolution of Beyoncé - Pentatonix

Bills, Bills, Bills

Say My Name

Jumpin Jumpin



Crazy In Love

Baby Boy

Naughty Girl

Check Up On It


Get Me Bodied

Upgrade U

If I Were A Boy

Single Ladies



Video Phone

Sweet Dreams

Run The World

End Of Time

Best Thing You Never Had

Love On Top


Bow Down / I Been On

Grown Woman

Halo / I Was Here

love love love :D

so near and yet so far
season 3, bakit ang tagaaaal..

so near and yet so far

season 3, bakit ang tagaaaal..

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- Uncle Iroh

- Uncle Iroh

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still frustrated that I only got a bronze >_< haha

but still, I had fun. :) Getting to know more about the people who I train with and having the opportunity to play again was more satisfying than getting a medal. I’ve never competed for a very, very long time. I guess the medal is a “Welcome Back” token. :P

Thank you, thank you to my coach. 
And thank you God :D

I will be better next time. :)

"If choices were 100% they wouldn’t be choices. When they’re both 50/50, choose one and work hard to prove it’s the right decision and turn the 50% into 100%."

-Dream High

Even with that line and all the other advice that I got from other people, I still feel like my heart’s going to break. (oo, ganun ka-OA yung pakiramdam)

Should I choose something that I have loved since I was a child. Or something that I have learned to love?